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Mar 31, 2021

It's the end of our Behind the Dice series of the first StabbyQuest campaign!

In this episode we finish off the series by discussing helpful items for the players, such as handouts and when they're appropriate, When does meta or table talk feel right, and some fun ways to incorporate both of those into the game.

We finish off by revisiting the last episode before this Behind the Dice started, including a couple of character reveals and the cliffhanger the gameplay episodes paused on.

Thank you all so much for hanging with us through these Behind the Dice episodes, and we hope you enjoyed them. The next episode will return to gameplay, and we'll stay with these through the end of the campaign.

If you enjoy the show please leave us a review or rating on your platform of choice, and as always Thanks for listening and thanks to our wonderful Patrons who keep this show on the air.

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